knitted – woven – merino –  linen – cotton – nylon – silk – blends

afp prints fabrics

Auckland Fabric Printers specialise in screen printing knitted and woven fabric on the roll made of Merino, linen, cotton, nylon, silk or other fibres as well as fabric blends.

Afp are the only screen printer in New Zealand offering screen printing on textiles for the apparel and home furnishing markets, especially short runs using 1 to 6 colours. We use high quality pigment and opaque inks to meet various colour fastness requirements. Our discharge prints on dark colours are the best choice for achieving a soft handle. We operate an in house design department to produce a customer’s own designs to suit all requirements. This is fully computerised with facilities to produce films by large format inkjet printer.


Printing Process

from sketches to printed fabric
The journey of a designer’s new print design to the final finished rolls of printed fabric is always a journey of discovery that we enjoy here at afp as we work closely with our clients to give life to their ideas. more info

printing process
At afp, we only print continuous fabric on the roll. The minimum printing quantity is 20 metres. Our specialty is known as flat-bed screen printing. We operate the only large Buser flatbed screen printer in Australasia. more info

in house design
We offer a full in house design service where we support designers with only basic design concepts still in rough form through to designers that have a final design. We then convert the designs into a format that the designer is happy with and that is ready to be screen printed. more info

pattern repeats
Once the design concept has been developed further, the process of pattern repeats has to be established. If the finished design is printed as a continuous design, it is very important to create a pattern repeat. more info

colours & inks
Colours are a key part of the design process. As customers develop their designs further, we will create the perfect match to their colours in our colour lab using pigment and opaque inks. more info

producing a proto
We now create an A3 size prototype silk screen. At this stage we require ½ metre of the fabric the customer is planning to print on. We will test print a series of 300 x 400mm sized prototypes for the client’s approval. more info

silk screen preparation
It’s now time to prepare a set of full sized printing screens based on finalised artwork and the design studio’s colour separation. A fine screen cloth is stretched tightly over a frame and light sensitive emulsion is then applied to the screen. more info

printing the fabric
The client now supplies us with the fabric used to print the approved design on. We are able to print on a broad range of base cloths supplied on the roll – wools, linens, cottons and many types of blends. We can also help customers source their choice of fabric with contacts we have with textile suppliers. more info

fabric inspection
At the end of the printing and finishing process our team inspects the fabrics to check that our quality production standards have been met. This is done by viewing all the printed fabric on backlit inspection tables. Once this stage is completed the goods are packed ready for dispatch. more info