In house design


A textile print design will often start out as a very brief concept or idea that a designer has roughly sketched on paper. When we work with designers, we’re always interested in the end result they are trying to achieve. We work closely with them to assist the development of their concept through to the finished art work. Print designs can be supplied as garment swatches or magazine images.

Designers that already have a digital design image can supply their designs as media files using Adobe Illustrator in AI, EPS or PDF format or Adobe Photoshop in PSD or PDF format.

In the design studio, the designer’s draft design is converted into a screen printable pattern. This is a fully computerised process with facilities that then produce films by large format inkjet printer.

At the same time, the pattern’s colour is determined. There can be up to 6 different colours per design. The design studio also transforms the designer’s original vision into a repeat pattern.