Printing Process


Flatbed screen printing is only suitable for printing fabric on the roll. We are able to print a single roll as short as 20 metres up to large 300 – 400 metre length rolls. The printing quantity can also be made up of different base fabrics sewn together for the printing process and taken apart after the procedure is completed. This can only be done if the print colours are the same on all the different base fabrics.

For large print jobs we will sew a client’s 10 x 40 metre rolls together to form a large roll for the printing process. During inspection the large roll will be repacked down into the original 40 metre length rolls.

Afp are able to print up to 6 colours on a design. The printing is done on a Swiss made 40 metre length Buser flatbed printing system. Our operators are experts in handling the machine. We dry and finish the fabric after printing in a variable temperature continuous gas oven. It will then move on to the inspection department.